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We love receiving Testimonials like the ones below. We will be glad to receive YOUR testimonial! Send us yours.
Read what our advertisers and sponsors have said about Knife Web Guide and Cutlers Cove network. If we have made you happy tell us about it. Let us know what you think of the web sites in the network. For comments or suggestions Click here and send us feedback. PLEASE NOTE: These are actual, advertisers comments that have come in unsolicited from the Feedback facility on our site or by email. 

Bill of Rights for our Advertisers

We are very pleased to announce that we are the "category sponser" for the backgrounds page at the Knife Web Guide. These background, or wallpaper images of vintage knives can be downloaded for both PC's and Mac's free of charge.
I have found the Knife Web Guide to be very helpful, and am confident you'll find it resourceful too.

Dale Dorris Wood Creations

I like it, Good job! I was thinking later as I get more pics taken, I think it may be a good idea to have one of the images be a cabinet with a bright red velvet back to show right away that we offer options, or different styles. What do you think? I will see what I come up with for photos down the road. I can always send you a photo later and pay you to make the change then.

I say go ahead and swap them, it looks great!

Thanks for doing such a good job and providing excellent service Byron. It is greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, Dale Dorris Wood Creations

Top ten reasons to advertise your knife, sword or cutlery business in the KWG?

Thanks so much! I look forward to a long, prosperous business partnership with you.

Your site and correspondence is very professional and efficient, and you seem like a cool guy.
Thanks, Foster for JD Smith, Master Bladesmith

I just wanted to say thank you again for adding my link and making the changes to the description. Since you added the link on 12/8/04 it has already resulted in 39 unique visitors to my site so this has been a very nice addition to my link strategy. (39 unique visitors in 5 days)

Lawrence Piper in Lansing, Michigan

Thanks for making us a link partner. We are proud to be associated with you. We will keep in touch. Bye. Have a nice weekend. Deepak in California and India

Thanks so much for the opportunity to reciprocate links with you as I really do appreciate it very much. The Knife Web Guide is a great source for everything sharp and both my wife and I are very proud to be part of it.

Thanks again, Dave & Robin Martell in Philadelphia

Im the sponsor of some of his pages and it has proven to drive a lot of visitors to my site. Start with the free listing and then consider buying a banner spot with him. His prices are very fair. And the free advise you will get will more than pay for a banner position.

Your Friend,  Brad in Raleigh, NC.

That sample page with the geographic breakdown is highly interesting; I love easy-to-grasp references like that. I used to write and edit for an engineering trade publication, and the regularly offered one- or two-page "quick guide" departments were the most popular among our readers. (Cutlery definitions page inside the KWG.)

Again, thanks for accepting my link! Good luck in finishing up your site upgrade.

Best Regards, Chuck

I want you to know that I am very pleased with my banner placement at your site. Please be sure to save the "top most spot" for me. I can't remember what you called it. And I do want the Skyscraper banner position when it comes up.

Cordially,  Brad Skipper in Raleigh, NC.

Hi, My name is Mark Richmond and we exchanged links about a month ago. Our site is Your site has been sending us a good deal of traffic and we are going to put a home page link (the only one) to your site as a way to thank you for the traffic. We rotate our top links once a month so you get the honors for December.
Thanks again! Mark

This is a great site for knife enthusiasts. There are enough knife links at this site to keep anyone busy for weeks.

Really enjoyed viewing your spreadsheet on your site traffic. Very well done -- professional presentation. I'm convinced Cutler's Cove will continue its stunning growth pattern.

John Carroll  Chief Financial Officer  Keaton Kolor Cameras & Supplies

This is a great website. There is tons of info here!
Justin Boyette - Deputy Editor

Byron, I just had my first chance to look at the Knife Web Guide. I know that you have spent a lot of time putting this information together. There are a lot of people out here that can take advantage of all your efforts. I could not think of a question that was not answered somewhere in the "Guide". Thanks for all your efforts to make our lives a little better, and easier to find info on all types of Cutlery. 
Jon Summerlin

Hello I would just like to say that your site is most informative as I am a novice knife maker as well as sheath maker and this site has helped me a great deal thank you very much. Jason Kicking Horse knife works

This site has certainly been the most helpful and informative that I have found. I am both a collector and beginner knifemaker.

YES, I checked out your site and it is looking very professional. I wish you all the best with it, soon you may be able to sit at home and just collect $$. The GERBER Guy

Testimonials from Cutlers Cove Customers

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