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The Media Kit is where you will find services, features, resources and information for Knife Web Guide™ online knife, sword and cutlery-related marketing. Look for our current Rate Card, banner ad size requirements, Category Sponsor and much more.

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Knife Web Guide ranks in the top 10 for the following phrases on Google. (At the time of the search on May 2, 2006)

If your product or service is among the key words listed below, the is a great place for you to advertise. In addition if your web site is listed in the KWG on any page it would be grand exposure for you to have your banner on all the pages by advertising in the KWG.

Look at all the number one (#1) listings!

Over half of the theme pages in the KWG are in the top 10 search results on Google. The top 10 spot is a listing on the first page of the search results, which is the best place to be for any web site because that web site will get the most traffic from the number one search engine on the Internet today. - Online Appraisals only $9.95

48 Top Ten Listings In Google and
 29 of them are number one (#1)

Antique Associations #2

Antique Directories  #5

Antique Publications #3

Antique Shows - Fairs  #1

Automatics - Switchblades  #1

Axes and Hatchets  #2  

Bladesmiths - Metalsmiths  #1, 2, 3  

Custom Knife Dealers  #1  

Custom Knife Makers  #3  

Displays and Showcases  #10  

Edged Weapon Instruction  #1

Escrow Online  #2

Flatware Silver Stainless  #1

Knife Auctions  #3  

Knife Books and Related #1  

Knife Classified Ads  #1

Knife Collectible Malls #1

Knife Collecting  #1

Knife Collector Clubs  #3

Knife Dealers - Retailers  #1  

Knife Directories  #1  

Knife Engraving  #2

Knife Forums  #4

Knife History or Related  #1

Knife Information Sites  #1

Knife Laws  #5

Knife Magazines  #1

Knife Making Supplies  #6

Knife Making Information  #1

Knife Malls  #1

Knife Manufacturers  #1

Knife Organizations  #1

Knife Photography  #1

Knife Repair - Restoration  #1

Knife Web Services  #1

Machetes  #5

Machine Tool Equipment  #19

Manicure - Personal Care  #1

Military Edged Weapons  #4

Outdoor Magazine-TV-Radio  #1

Outdoor Retailers  #12

Outdoor Stuff  #7

Razors and Barberania  #1

Sheaths - Scabbards  #3

Sword Books and Magazines  #1

Swords - Custom  #7

Swords - Japanese  #19

Swords and Armour  #14

Used Knives  #1

Wood and Metal Machines  #1

Wood Directories   #1

Look at all the number one (#1) listings!

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The great thing about Knife Web Guide is that you can check the results for yourself just go to and then type in the keywords above. You'll be very hard pressed to find any website that recommends you do this.

While you are checking, look to see if your own website comes up. If you aren't in the top 20 you are probably missing out on a lot of traffic and business! Try it out and see for yourself.

And remember, Knife Web Guide isn't just high in one category we are high in a whole range of theme-categories - all of them different avenues leading to Knife Web Guide and potentially to your stock, shop, service or company. is recognized as one of the leading search engines today and has won numerous awards. In December 2001 was named as one of the 'Seven wonders of the web' in the Guardian London newspaper.,7369,624964,00.html

Rankings as of 2nd May 2006. (Note: rankings are not fixed and do fluctuate over time.)

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Please note: we do not use the term "hits" to describe our traffic and the reason is hits can be misused to imply a larger audience than a web site really has. If you want to know the difference between hits, page views and user sessions click here.

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