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The Media Kit is where you will find services, features, resources and information for™ online knife, sword and cutlery-related marketing. Look for our current Rate Card, banner ad size requirements, Category Sponsor and much more.

Top ten reasons to advertise your knife, sword or cutlery business in the KWG





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Would you like your website or product to seen by thousands of visitors monthly? Compare our readership to Blade® Magazine.

Your audience moved. That is why magazines and newspapers are in trouble. Your marketing needs to follow them. Let us show you how the internet can deliver the same quality, scalability and value as print or TV.

This year we expect more knife, sword and cutlery buyers and enthusiasts online who are looking to buy and for information. Get your part of this specialized niche traffic today!

The internet is the biggest, most powerful consumer media today. Online Marketing uses the internet to provide the world's leading brand advertisers the quality, scale and value of print and TV. (KWG) since 2000
One of the best knife content websites!


Want to make more money? Join the repeat advertisers including some who have been using the KWG network for years to advertise their business. If we did not already own the KWG we would buy advertising here because it works. Shouldn't you? Give us a try! You will be glad you did.


Advertise where your customers are.

Consumers spend 57 minutes of every hour online browsing sites and only 3 minutes on search engines.

Our network of and is growing!

Send the herds of eager shoppers to your website


We advertise our network of and by direct mail with post cards, brochures and banner advertising on select related sites on the Internet. Recently we advertised our sites on the Yahoo network, Google network and Metrics Direct network. Click here MSN network to see info for over half a million banners we have shown recently on the Microsoft network. had a full page ad in two recent issues of Blades International digital magazine.


We promote and advertise the KWG at trade shows, events, places of business and through education. Recently we advertised the KWG at the Central Texas Knife Show and Knives Illustrated Spirit of Steel Knife and Sword Show. We have handed out thousands of the KWG reference cards to let people know about the Guide.

Our online advertising is available to advertisers with a minimum purchase of around $40, not like some others  that require spending of $600 to just get started. It will not always be this way but today you can test the waters for a small amount of cash.


The broader knife community supports us with hundreds of websites linking to us and many community groups, forums and societies mentioning us to their members. We offer an excellent opportunity to reach tens of thousands of knife, sword and cutlery buyers and enthusiasts. By sponsoring this site you will be supporting a unique and valuable resource that is well regarded in the Internet community. Testimonials


In comparison to printed advertising; our visitors are already online, here for a specific reason and are far more likely to investigate your business. Magazines and other print media do not provide an effective mechanism for monitoring the detail our system does. You can check day-to-day progress any time you want 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In addition, online advertising keeps you in front of your target market for a longer period at a much lower cost.


Your banner can be shown in rotation seven days a week, 24 hours each day. There is only a select amount of banner space available for advertisers to use on each page in the KWG and this stops banner over load. Our advertisers get what they pay for. We have CPM (cost per impression) or CPC (cost per click) advertising.

You control when your banner ad shows
The time of day and the day of the week.

You control what countries see your ad.

You control how many times any one visitor sees your ad in a 24 hour period.


KWG is hosted by a top Internet hosting company and it is on a premium hosting account for maximum bandwidth and reliability.

We have spent thousands of dollars on hosting since the KWG started to make sure it is a good reliable service for all our users and advertisers.

Our host has a 99.9% up time guarantee. Based on our experience with them they deliver, therefore our sites are up and so is your banner ad or other advertising service.

Click here for more reasons to trust us with your advertising.


First Class Service
The KWG support staff is at your service during our business hours 5 days a week. Our support staff strives to provide fast, reliable and friendly service. Let us know if you have questions about sponsoring the site or advertising in our network. Our users continually rave about the quality of service we provide. We have published some of these comments from actual KWG advertisers and sponsors on our testimonials page.

Last but not least --- we appreciate your business and will continue working to make the KWG the best!

Explore and discover the cutlery world
through the!

It pays to advertise!

Have a question?  Feel free to contact us at any time.
Please feel free to review our Privacy Policy.

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Fact: Where the Web is particularly effective in advertising terms, is in reaching communities that share an interest. Instead of relying on age, income, and location, as advertisers used to do; companies can target their products at people who have demonstrated an interest (or potential interest) in the products, rather than by making an assumption based on demographic information. Quote from the book: Www.Advertising: Advertising and Marketing on the World Wide Web

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