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Ted’s Dad was a novice knife maker and made forged blades. Ted made his first knife on a forge around the age of 14. He did not start making knives at that age but it was always in the back of his mind. About 10 years ago while hunting in South Texas with friends, Ted got very frustrated as it seems he was spending all his time sharpening everyone’s knives. This renewed his interest in making knives as he knew he could make a knife that would out perform the knives they were using. While attending a knife show in Austin TX, Ted saw Reggie Barker, John Fitch and Jim Crowell putting on a cutting exhibition that hooked him. While his focus is on performance, he loves making good looking knives. With makers like Warren Osborne looking over his shoulder giving subtle critiques, his goal is to make each knife better than the previous.

Ted feels that the Bladesports International Cutting competition is the single most influential thing he has participated in. Performance is a must and the knife makers he comes in contact with are some of the best in the business. They encompass all phases of knife making from both forged and stock removal. Currently Ted holds all 3 Bladesport records for cutting. Cutting a 2x4 in half (1.845 seconds), cutting a bundle of 15 one inch ropes in a single stroke and a row of 20 half liter filled water bottles in a single stroke

You will not be disappointed with an Ott Knife!

Ted Ott custom knife maker Ott Knives is striving to hand craft
the best custom knives possible,
utilizing the modern heat-treating technology, along with cryogenics
and state of art alloy steels. This
creates a blade with maximum performance and a one of a kind
addition to your collection.
Ott Knives works to give you the
best hand made knives possible.


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Custom knife maker Ted Ott is from Elgin, Texas. He does all of his own work and takes pride in each knife. His attention to detail is just one aspect that stands out in Ott knives. Each knife has it own unique feel.  Ted takes pride in his work and loves making knives. He enjoys making Bowies, Fighters, Competition Choppers, Hunters and anything you can think of!

Ott Knives is a family owned business managed by Ted and his wife Lisa.

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