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Hen and Rooster HR413DS Stockman genuine stag handles and Architect tool knife with composite handles made in Solingen. We only have one of each knife to sell.

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Description Order # Price
Hen and Rooster HR413DS Stockman mint in the box. 4" closed three blade. Genuine deer stag handles with nickel silver bolsters and inlay shield. Stainless, made in Solingen, Germany. Older stock. The one in the photo is the one you get. We only have one to sale. Large Stockman  
The first one at the top of the photo.
FM-00101 Sold
Description Order # Price
Architect tool knife with composite handles that is near mint and 3-1/2" closed. Marked on the tang Solingen and on the large blade it is marked 6000 and some writing that is not clear. Four blades. It has not been sharpened and all the carbon steel blades have light tarnish. There are pen cracks on both ends but they are tight. High quality German carbon steel pocket knife that walks and talks great. It may be an Ernst Bruckmann knife but is not so marked. If it is a Bruckmann they where around 1902-1956. Not common.

I was told the blade on the left and the upper right blade are tools or keys for a drawing or drafting machine used by architects many years ago. And the end of the upper right blade is a straight screw driver. Also both blades are similar in the somewhat square shape they each have but in different form as one is male and one female in shape. It is hard to see the square shape on the left blade but it is very thick square blade shape, about 1/4" square. These two blades made the drafting machine do something but I do not know what.

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FM-00102 150.00

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