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Aluminum Oxide 9" X 11" abrasive cloth sheets in grade number 4 sanding sheets (16 grit). This has a flexible durable backing and outlasts paper sheets 4 to 1. The cloth backing is heavier and stronger than paper sanding material or sheets. The smaller the grade number the coarser the grit and this is ultra-coarse. It will work in any air or electrical sheet sanders or by hand. May be folded and cut to any size. The abrasives are big and tough.

24 sheets Cloth Sandpaper

Our sheets last longer because they are thicker, more robust and they sand great. Great to smooth extremely rough wood. Good for metalworking, woodworking and sculpture. If you are in to stone sculpture this cloth abrasive sheet is great for working on stones like alabaster, soapstone, limestone and some marbles.

Aluminum oxide cloth sheets are excellent for general clean up on metal and wood surfaces. They outlast paper sheets 4 to 1. They have a flexible durable backing.

The cloth backing and ultra-coarse grit almost works like a rasp.

No. 4 grade is equal to 16 grit and is ultra-coarse

Extra Heavy Duty Cloth Backing

I take scrap wood and shape the wood into a form to fit the stone shape that I am trying to finish then wrap the cloth around the wood holding tool. The cloth will rap around a wood dowel to make a shaping tool, also. May be folded and cut to any size. I have used this heavy duty abrasive cloth sheets for several years and it works great. Our Aluminum Oxide Cloth is Flying Wheel brand and is made in China. Made with a heavy weight and durable cloth backing to give long life and consistent cutting performance.

One way to look at this once in a life time deal: you are getting over $48 worth of abrasive cloth sheets for less than $11. WOW!

According to The Woodworker’s Illustrated Benchtop Reference on page 338 it is says that grade number 4 is equal to 16 grit. If I understand correctly the two system numbers are not an exact match but are a close number to number equivalent. See chart below:

It goes like this for Aluminum Oxide abrasive grit sizes:

Grit System Aught System

















Attach to a vibrating sander or use for hand sanding

Aluminum Oxide is a hard, tough synthetic mineral made in the electric furnace. It is the most widely used all-around coated abrasive. Aluminum Oxide is a very good abrasive to shape and sand, remove rust and dirt and to sharpen. Aluminum Oxide is a excellent abrasive to use on the following materials: wood, plastic, fiberglass, leather, paint and tools. Ferrous and/or non-ferrous materials (iron, steel, copper, etc.).

Compare to other sheets costing more than $2.00 each

Corner damaged sheets at a BIG reduced price!

The damage is only on one corner where there is no abrasive grit. The area of the damaged surface is less than 5% of the total sheet. This means 95% or more is fine on each abrasive cloth sheet. I do mean really fine on the majority of the sheet --- all the grit is held on to the cloth backing really well and is not loose in any way except in the damaged corner. The sheets work great at a big cost savings!

Look at the photos to see the small area damaged corner which is only on one corner.

Our damaged deal goes like this: Purchase 24 sheets for $10.99 and save!

This deal will save you money!
About 45¢ per sheet!*

This photo is very representative of all the cloth we have. Bottom of the pack.
The damage is always only on one corner.

This photo is very representative of all the cloth we have. Top of the pack.
The damage is always only on one corner.

This photo is very representative of all the cloth we have. Side and top of the pack.
The damage is always only on one corner.


Order #

Aluminum Oxide 9" X 11" abrasive cloth sheets in grade No 4. (16 grit). The quality damaged abrasive cloth sheets are sold in groups of 24.  Save
Sold in package quantities only. Limited quantity.
NS-00180 $10.99
24 sheet package
About 45¢ each

* We purchased a large wood crate of the above Aluminum Oxide Cloth and on the bottom in one corner the cloth had gotten wet so the abrasive came off. The rest of the sheet is fine and we have used a lot of the damaged stuff ourselves. It works fine guaranteed. If you are going to use the entire sheet for a sanding machine then realize you will have some abrasive material missing on one of your sheets that you cut from the larger 9" X 11" sheets. Remember you are saving to make up for the damaged or missing abrasive that is less than 5% of the total sheet.

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