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Celestron 11 inch StarHopper Dobsonian reflector astronomical telescope, 1255mm focal length [f/4.5], 2" helical focuser with 1-1/4" adapter, 25mm SMA eyepiece 1-1/4" [49x], collimation tool, Balance system included. It is new in the box and has not been used or assembled. We purchased the new scope several years ago and never got around to using it. This scope is no longer in production. Surprise someone special with this great scope!!!

This scope is better (Premium Quality) than the current Celestron StarHopper Dobsonian scopes. It is faster (f/4.5), has a better glass mirror (Pyrex) and the mirror is multicoated. Compare and you will see the difference. This scope cost more back several years ago when they came out than the current lower quality model.

The 11" Star Hopper astronomical telescope has these Standard Features:
Precision annealed Pyrex primary mirror - better glass than used by competitors, ensures faster temperature stabilization and the highest steady quality optical figure. The same glass as used on the Palomar 200-inch Hale Telescope. Palomar Observatory and look for the info marked 1934-36: A Pyrex Mirror.

  •  11" (279mm) -- f/4.5 Focal Length 49.4" (1255mm)
  •  25mm SMA Wide Angle Eyepiece -- 1-1/4"
  •  2" Helical Focuser with 1-1/4" Adapter
  •  Premium Quality, Affordably Priced
  •  Optics are diffraction limited
  •  Pyrex Multi-Coated Primary Mirror
  •  Teflon and Nylon surfaces guarantee smooth performing mechanics.
  •  Collimation Tool -- very useful and unique to Celestron
  •  Made in the U.S.A.
  •  We have all the original accessories, boxes and papers
  •  It is new in the box and has not been assembled or used
  •  3 boxes: large tube box, mirror box and mount box
  •  White mount not black

Important differences between this scope and the current
Celeston StarHoppers Dobsonian

  •  This scope is shorter and faster than the current 10" and 12" Celeston StarHopper Dobsonian making it easier to move and set up. Notice is is less in length than the smaller 10 inch.
    Focal Lengths (10" = 1270mm) (11" = 1255mm) (12" = 1500mm)
  •  This scope has a Pyrex glass primary mirror and the current models have the less stable BK-7 glass primary mirror. The BK-7 glass is used for binocular prisms and refractor telescope lenses but this is a reflector, not a refractor.
    Pyrex is better and costs more.
  •  This scope has a Multi-Coated Primary Mirror and the current models do not.
    Multi-Coated Mirrors transmit more light and that is better and costs more.

Astronomy Magazine says, "Star Hopper� is a milestone on the road toward a better commercial Dobsonian telescope. Star Hopper's innovative mirror, mirror cell and adjustable altitude bearings, combined with its crisp, sharp images more than meet what every Dobsonian owner hopes to have in an easy to use, backyard telescope."

The Star Hopper Dobsonian telescopes are designed for beginners who seek the best possible view of the faint Deep Sky objects while on a constrained budget. These include advanced features that an experienced observer will appreciate. Furthermore, these 6" and 8" aperture units (introduced in November 1995) benefit from years of study of those Dobsonian style telescopes already on the market; Celestron has improved upon the competing standards. In December 1996 Celestron improved the designs further and also introduced 11", 14" and a 17.5" aperture models.

History: This is basically a classic Newtonian reflecting telescope on a "Dobson" style of simple mount. The optical design by an English mathematician was first constructed by Sir Isaac Newton. This employs two mirrors (a parabolic and an elliptical flat) to gather and reflect light to focus at a point beyond the focuser; an eyepiece for viewing is placed at the focuser. A good reflector can offer the best view per the dollar especially of the faint, deep sky objects where light gathering power is essential.

The use of a simple Alt-Azimuth mounting, lightweight mirror and modestly priced components evolved from a goal of San Francisco sidewalk astronomer John Dobson to get the most telescope possible into the hands of the amateur observer for the lowest relative cost. Ideally by developing a design which can be home made. This design remains the first choice among serious deep sky observers, and it is not uncommon to find custom or home made 8" to 36" aperture "Dobs" at the astronomical observing events at dark sky observing sites around the U.S.

Celestron 8 StarHopper
Celestron 8 StarHopper Dobsonian
Our scope is larger than this one which is used as an example.
Ours has a white mount not black.

Noteworthy improvements over conventional economical Dobs include:

  • Low Friction Altitude Bearing/Dovetail Pinion Balance System
  • A unique, low-mass molded Pyrex primary mirror for better thermal stability
  • Unique adjustable Pinnacle Mirror Cell to support the low mass Primary Mirror
  • Multicoated, high reflectivity mirror coatings improve brightness and contrast.
  • Optics hand finished and tested on a 125 line Ronchi
  • Weight -- about 95 lbs.

Celestron 11 StarHopper Dobsonian is on the far left side of the photo


Order #

Celestron 11 StarHopper Dobsonian astronomical telescope, 1255mm focal length [f/4.5], 2" helical focuser with 1-1/4" adapter, 25mm SMA eyepiece 1-1/4" [49x]. Ours has a white mount not black. No free shipping. NS-00150  999.00

The telescope ships by truck freight or UPS because of weight and size. There are three boxes: large tube box 41 pounds, mirror box 21 pounds and mount box 39 pounds. The total weight for all boxes is about 100 pounds. Shipped from San Angelo, Texas 76903.

The following Astronomy Equipment
In Excellent + or Better Condition

WANTED --- Mount only for Meade F3.6 Schmidt-Newtonian Telescope D=153mm by F=549mm. It can be a tripod or pedestal type. It can be altazimuth or equatorial. It can be a Meade product or any other as long as it is a good solid mount and the Meade 6" F3.6 Schmidt-Newtonian will fit.

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