Creating Cool Web Pages with Word for Windows 95 book by Ron Wodaski. The book is in excellent condition with the CD.  Explains how to use the computer program Internet Assistant to transform Microsoft Word into a Web browser and HTML editor.

A how-to guide for the budding web publisher.  Includes complete coverage of Microsoft’s Internet Assistant for Word 7.0, as well as dozens of document templates, shareware, utility software, tutorials, clip art, and other goodies on a CD-ROM included with the book. The CD-ROM contains everything from the Internet Assistant add-on for Word to the Internet Explorer Web browser, including the VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) plug-in. Plus, you get ready-to-use templates and graphics along with utilities for preparing graphic images for the Web and for creating clickable image maps.

For those of us who create most of our text pages in Microsoft Word, this book shows how easy it is to convert Word documents into web pages. You do this with Microsoft's Internet Assistant, which you get with this book; it's that or learn HTML. This is much easier. The book shows you how to use and modify the templates in the Internet Assistant, then how to glamorize them with sound, video and more. If you're satisfied with desktop publishing in a high-end word processor, you will be pleased with the ease and clever effects of Word plus the Internet Assistant, combined with the tricks in this book. 337 pages, 7-3/8" X 9-1/8".

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Creating Cool Web Pages with Word for Windows 95 book by Ron Wodaski. NS-00067 7.49
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