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Myatt Daymark Safety Razor Blades made in England circa 1924. The company started about 1900 according to the Silver Makers' Mark registry in England. Each blade has a different day of the week on it so you can keep track of which blades you have used. Carbon steel. This pack of 5 blades is mint with some age yellowing and has never been opened. Also called Double Edge Razor Blade.

Myatt Daymark Safety Razor Blades made in England circa 1924

On the inside each blade is wrapped and marked slotted in red ink. This mark (slotted) was done when most of the blade manufacturers went to the Gillette standard sometime in the early 1900's. The pack is 1-7/8" X 1-1/16" X 1/4" and has the days of the week on it: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Each pack of 5 blades is a $12.00 value before shipping.

Not a Reproduction!

Copy on box:
W. J. Myatt & Co., Ltd., Birmingham, England.
Special Notice: This packet contains 5 MYATT Daymark Double-edged Blades which are the result of many years costly experimental work and in quality YET TO BE EQUALLED.

Each blade being marked with the alternate days on opposite sides enable the User to reverse the blade each time it is used, thus greatly prolonging its keenness. Sole Manufactures, W. J. Myatt & Co., Ltd., Graham St., Birmingham, England. Improved Packing Per five blade packet. Regd. 751,521

Advertising copy from 1929:
1929 British Industries Fair Advert for Myatt Patent 'Daymark' Blades, for Gillette Type Razors only. 'The only Daymark Blade in the World'. Manufacturers of Myatt Patent Daymarked Safety Razor Blades as supplied to H. M. Government. The blades being marked with the days of the week, preserve their keenness and last longer.

I purchased these in Lampasas, Texas many years ago and found some interesting information on an old W. J. Myatt Imperial safety travel razor set. It had the following stamped in the metal case: Importers Forest Cruse & Sons Austin, Texas. As you may know Lampasas is not that far from Austin and I bet a store in Lampasas purchased these blades from the importer in Austin back many, many years ago.

Great item for all you seibinologists (those who study the practice of shaving) out there.

5 blade packet
enlarged to show detail


One blade showing the slotted stamp across the paper wrapping.

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There is a $10.00 minimum order requirement.


Order #

Myatt Daymark Safety Razor Blades. Mint 5 blade packet made in England circa 1924. NS-00023 Sold
Thank to Chris L. in Virginia

Purchase 9 packs or more and receive a empty master carton box like here at no additional charge.
$10.00 value!
The empty master carton held 20 packs of the above 5 packet. It is 5-5/8 X 2-1/8 X 1-1/4 inches in size. The master carton box may differ from photo but it is the same size and original. Limited quantity!

Marlin Firearms Company Double Edge Razor Blade

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