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GE photoflash Synchro-Press Number 22 flashbulb in original corrugated cardboard sleeve cartons. Class M (Medium Peak) flashbulb. The General Electric lamp is the same size as a standard medium base screw in light bulb that you use in your house light fixtures. The type 22 bulbs are filled with magnesium wool or wire and is about 2-1/4" diameter by 4-1/2" length. They have never been used and are like new except the cardboard around each lamp is old, dry and crumbly. These put out a lot of light, but are a one time use bulb! That is you use them once then throw them away. We have used several bulbs and they work great!

Photographers will find the Photoflash lamp the answer to many lighting problems. Use with B&W or tungsten film or use a color correction filter to use with daylight balanced color film. For best results, use lamp in a good reflector with a 6 to 7 inch polished reflector. Flash with two, or more, standard flashlight cells; or dry batteries, or on house current - 3 to 125 volts AC or DC. This flashbulb is also great for a prank or surprise. You can screw one into a standard 110 volt light socket and when the electric switch is turned on the bulb will ignite and then what a surprise for the person who turned on the switch. See warning below.

Exposure Guide Numbers for
Press No. 22 with 6-7 inch Polished Reflector

With "M" synchronization . . . use any shutter speed.

"X" or "F" synchronization . . . use 1/30th or slower.



1/30 or slower 220 320 440 650 1100
1/50 & 1/60 180 240 360 500 900
1/100 & 1/125 160 220 320 440 800
1/200 & 1/250 130 180 260 380 650
1/400 & 1/500 100 150 200 300 500

Exposure Guide Number Example:
Film Speed or ISA rating - 100
Shutter Speed - 1/200
Guide number is 260
Distance - 12 feet
F/stop setting = 260 divided by 12 equals 21.66 (use F/22)

All values are approximations, reflector size and finish, shape, room size, ceiling heights, wall and ceiling color, average subject, natural and ambient light, etc. all have an affect on your final exposure. You should perform a variety of test exposures under different conditions to familiarize yourself with the use of guide numbers and exposure values using flashbulbs.

Other guide numbers:
Film Speed or ISA rating - 200
Shutter Speed - 1/200
Guide number is 380
Film Speed or ISA rating - 800
Shutter Speed - 1/200
Guide number is 650

Film Speed or ISA rating - 200
Shutter Speed - 1/60
Guide number is 500

Film Speed or ISA rating - 800
Shutter Speed - 1/60
Guide number is 900

The guide number of a flash is a measure of its light output. The higher the guide number, the greater the intensity of the flash. More powerful flash units with higher guide numbers have a greater range.

Warning: These flashbulbs are safety-coated for your protection but, if damaged, they may shatter when flashed, therefore, always use a shield over your reflector.

Flashbulbs have not been manufactured worldwide in many years, the bulbs that you receive are previously manufactured stock which has been obtained from a variety of sources. Please observe all prudent safety precautions when using flashbulbs.

Static electricity may cause flashbulbs to self-ignite, consequently, always handle bare bulbs carefully and always keep bulbs in containers until used.

Do not use or store these lamps near sources of high-energy short-wave electro-magnetic radiation. Never flash in explosive atmospheres.

There is a $10.00 minimum order requirement.


Order #

GE photoflash Synchro-Press Number 22 flashbulb in original corrugated cardboard sleeve cartons. About 2-1/4" X 4-1/2". NS-00138 Sold

Note: Guide Number information obtained from General Electric Lighting Data Guide.
GE is a registered trademark of General Electric, Cleveland, OH

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