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Vintage G. Heileman Brewing Color Menu Sheet
Old Style Lager Beer

The beer with a snap to it, since 1850. This vintage Heileman Old Style Lager Menu is old and original. What I mean by old this is part of a small group of beer items I purchased several years ago and the entire group was from around 1902 to 1920. I have an letterhead from the same Heileman distributor and it has a copyright 1914 and has Phone Number 16 on it. I also had another letterhead from the same Heileman distributor that I believe was older and it did not have a Phone Number and it was old distinctive color lithography style letterhead with a watermark.

Probably Pre-Prohibition*

I think that Zim’s Distributing Company was from Strawn, Texas and was owned by M.P. Zimicki. They had additional offices in San Angelo and Big Spring, Texas. I have been to the old red brick building out side of Strawn that was their warehouse, according to one of the locals.

Not a Reproduction!

If you look on a map of Texas you will find Strawn, Texas; San Angelo, Texas and Big Spring, Texas together make a good size territory for Mr. Zimicki to distribute his beer. Unfortunately this brewery is no longer in existence as the independent brewery it once was.

Great Beer Ephemera Collectable
Guaranteed old and original

The quality of the illustration on this antique menu is very high and it is in near mint condition, unmarked and in unused condition.

It is 6" X 9" and is sleeved in a page protector with cardboard for protection. It is a paper sheet that would have been used by a restaurant as a menu hand out to their customers showing what they had to eat. The restaurant would have printed onto the sheet of paper to make a Menu. The back side of the menu is plain without printing.

 Suitable for framing

The CutlersCove.com™  Photograph seen in the above image is not on the menu you are purchasing.

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Order #

Vintage Beer G. Heileman Brewing Menu 1920's. The quality of the illustration on this old menu is very high and it is in near mint condition. Limited quantity.

Buy three for $10.99 which is about $3.66 each. Offer good while supplies last.   
We ship this flat in large envelope with more cardboard to protect the sheets.

NS-00118  9.99 each
Sale 3 for $10.99

* Emil T. Mueller introduced what was to become Heileman's leading "premium" beer label, Heileman's Old Style Beer, in 1902. Prohibition in the USA happened from 1920 to 1933.

G. Heileman Brewing Company more information

This Brewing Menu is of high interest to beer collectors in: Strawn; San Angelo;
Big Spring; Abilene; Odessa
; Midland and Permian Texas.

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