Microsoft Expedia Streets 98 and Trip Planner 1998 near mint in two boxes with all CD's, books and instructions as they came with the software new. The box tops are missing on both boxes, other wise they are near mint. Both programs come in their original CD cases.

This software is not installed on any computer nor has been copied or duplicated.

Microsoft's Expedia Trip Planner 98. The classic question "Where are we on the map?" is now a lot easier to answer with Microsoft's Expedia Trip Planner 98. This comprehensive travel and trip planner, which was formerly called AutoMap, is a valuable tool for business or personal travel throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The heart of the program is the updated route planner, which allows for customized and rapid point-to-point planning from start to destination. It includes numerous automated features for tweaking and fine-tuning your trip.

The new version provides excellent travel information, including 17,000 restaurant listings from the Zagat survey and detailed listings on 19,000 hotels. Direct links to the Microsoft Expedia on-line service let you book flights, hotels, or rent al cars for a trip. Trip Planner has plenty of detail on points of interest and stopovers, though this is probably of more appeal to a family on vacation than to a typical business travel er. Still, this extra information, along with attractive and well-done maps, helps round out this product. Support for the Global Positioning System is built in, though you need to purchase a GPS receiver separately.

Overall, the features in Trip Planner 98 are pretty much on par with Rand McNally's new TripMaker (and TripMaker Deluxe). Both products let you plan your itinerary, print out detailed directions and maps, and access their additional resources. Trip Planner has superior hotel and restaurant information, while TripMaker has a few more features for route planning. Still, for $39.95, Trip Planner 98 is an excellent and well-priced resource for any type of general business or family travel in North America and Mexico.

Microsoft's Expedia Streets 98, priced at $49.95, is similar to Street Atlas.

The program is an excellent address finder. Westchester County Airport, for example, is listed under place names, so you don't have to know it's in White Plains to find it. Streets 98 also pinpointed an address that Street Atlas could locate only by cross street.

Microsoft Expedia Streets 98 is a Windows program that generates street maps for just about any place in the country. And with the Pocket Streets utility, which is free for download from Microsoft's Web site, you can transfer Expedia maps to your handheld PC. Whether you're traveling to a trade show seven states away or a client's office seven blocks away, you'll have a handy map that won't get ripped and doesn't require complicated folding.

Streets 98 is a little trickier to operate than Street Atlas. Some map symbols couldn't be identified even after a search of the help menu, And the printed maps are less detailed and less colorful than those in Street Atlas.

Streets 98 offers a more comprehensive points-of-interest database, however, including restaurants listed in the popular Zagat Survey series of city guides. After locating an address, you can click on "find point of interest" and draw a circle on the screen to limit the selection to within a certain radius.

By placing the cursor over the symbol and clicking a mouse button, you get information about an attraction or city For example, you can learn that Philadelphia's population is 1,524,249, that 15.2 percent of its residents are college-educated, that the median income is $24,504, and that the median house value is $49,400.

You can also place "pushpins" on points on the map by clicking the cursor and adding a text box for each containing information such as name of business and time of appointment.

If you have access to the Internet, you can link Streets 98 to Microsoft's online travel-booking service, Expedia, which has more than 16,000 listings for hotels, airlines, and car-rental locations.

The Deluxe Edition of Streets 98 includes an important extra feature--the ABI Yellow Pages USA. Its more than 25 million listings can be accessed by name, type of business, phone number, or address.

System requirements: Multimedia PC with a 486DX/33 MHz or higher processor; Windows 95 or later; works fine with XP; 8MB of ram, 24 recommended; CD-ROM

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Microsoft Expedia Streets and Trip Planner 1998 near mint in two boxes with all CD's, books and instructions as they came with the software new.

Microsoft's Expedia Streets 98 is an excellent address finder.

Microsoft's Expedia Trip Planner 98. Plan your trip according to a number of preferences, including preferred routes, avoiding highways and specific ETAs.
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Both programs at this price.

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