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Neat Stuff 8

Be sure to check the expanded Neat Stuff section that is full of many different items that are not cutlery related. You will find more bits and pieces here regularly as we clean out our warehouse. We have too much stuff and not an enough room. The Neat Stuff section will get larger and then as we sell out of the stuff it will get smaller but will not go completely away. Check back often for more Neat Stuff! Remember we usually only have one to sell!

Our hassle-free return privilege allows you to return any item for any reason within 14 days of purchase. We appreciate your orders and viewing our many pages full of interesting information and items for sell!

There is a $15.00 minimum order shotshell requirement.

There are several pages of Neat Stuff - Shotshells

Click on images for more information

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Vintage Shot Shells - Home page
Vintage Shot Shells
Home page or start page

Click above image to see them all. More fun info about shotshells just for you.

10 vintage shotshells in 28GA, 20GA, .410GA gauges most are DUMMY shells. There are Remington, Remington Peters, Remington Express, Remington UMC, and others. Many with high brass.  $4.00 and up.  NS-00278  
Your Choice!  Only 3 left!

19 vintage paper shotshells in 28GA, 16GA, 12GA, .410GA gauges with roll-crimp and pie-crimp.  $3.00 and up.   NS-00264 
Your Choice! 
Only 3 left!

Peters HV vintage shotshell that is near mint in 12GA with high brass. The shell is roll-crimp paper shotshell.  $5.00  NS-00281

Peters shotshell that is near mint in 12GA. The shell is roll-crimp blue paper with high brass. Marked BB High Velocity on end paper. Made in USA headstamp.  $8.00 

Peters HV vintage shotshell that is near mint in 12GA with high brass. The shell is pie-crimp paper shotshell. Marked on the top cover paper 3-3/4 - 1-1/4 - 4.   $4.00  NS-00251

11 vintage shotshells in 12 gauge and 16 gauge most are paper with roll-crimp.  $3.00 and up. 
NS-00280  Your Choice!  Only 5 left!

Full box of shells!

Federal Cartridge Monark vintage shotshell box and shells in 20 gauge. The box is full of 25 red roll-crimp paper shells. From Circa 1927 over 85 years ago $62.50  NS-00290    $37.99
Buy the shells get the box free!  Reduced

MTM Case SH-100 shotshell storage box Vintage solid black shotshell box. Made in USA of ABS black plastic. $29.95  NS-00298

Federal Game Load, Remington Dove/Quail Load and Western Xpert X Mark 5 vintage shotshell cardboard one piece boxes. 12GA and 16GA  All boxes held plastic shotshells which makes them all after about 1960.  $3.00 and up. Empty boxes.  NS-00262
Group Click for group deal
Purchase all 3 boxes for $2.49
Save over 79%

One money for 3 boxes!

Alcan Cartridge Company ALCAN vintage shotshell that is excellent in 12 gauge. The shell is all metal and not loaded.  NS-00245  Sold

Winchester Western Cardboard Wads 16GA and ALCAN Ring-Waxed Wads 16GA vintage shotshell reloading supplies in original cardboard one piece boxes.  NS-00260  Sold

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Click on images for more information

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Because shotshells can only be shipped by UPS ground they cannot be shipped outside the 48 states of the USA. We are sorry for the disappointment this may cause but it is out of our control.

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