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Vintage Shot Shell Crimp Styles

Different types of crimps used on vintage shotshells or shotgun shells. Below are four 12GA shells, each having a different crimp.

There are several pages of Shotshells.
Be sure to check them all.

Shotshells for sale click here: 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12

Shotshells By Size: .410 - 28 - 20 - 16 - 12 - 10 - 8

View left to right

Roll-crimp all brass - Roll-crimp paper - Pie-crimp paper/top cover - Pie-crimp paper

Winchester Shell - Peters HV Shell - Peters HV Shell - Peters HV Shell - All 12GA

Crimp - means of closing the mouth end of a shell case to secure the shot

Roll crimp - end of case turned into roll

Pie crimp -means where shell end is folded over and sealed, looks like cut pie.

Generally the roll-crimp is the older shell in vintage shotshells and usually they were made before World War II.

Most shotshells today are pie-crimp.

Plastic shotshells started about 1960 in the USA and within a few years most ammunition manufacturers made plastic shotshells not paper. Today there are very few paper shotshells in production. The same is true of the all brass shell.

Wanda Cartridge vintage shotshell had a plastic seal crimp that is not like any of the above shells. Click here for photo and complete details on the Wanda.

Ammo Information on Shotshells

All shotshells click here: Page 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12

Click here for informative page on Collecting Shotshells

Photo showing most gauges of shotshells

In 1954 Winchester-Western brought out the short magnum, a standard-sized, 2-inch shell with considerably more power and pellets than ever before. And in 1960 Remington Arms Co. developed the Premium Grade SP. This shell, which has a polyethylene body and a steel head, can be stored indefinitely and fired in any weather (it is impervious to water) without loss of efficiency or safety.

In 1962 Winchester-Western's Mark 5 was introduced. The Mark 5 has a unique polyethylene collar that gives regular and magnum shells a boost in performance nearly equal to an additional quarter ounce of shot without any increase in recoil. Sports Illustrated April 02, 1962

Vintage USA Shell Brands

Manufacturer Low Brass High Brass
Federal Monark Hi-Power
Peters Victor High Velocity
Remington Shur Shot Express
Western Xpert Super-X
Winchester Nublack Leader

Because shotshells can only be shipped by UPS ground they cannot be shipped outside the 48 states of the USA. We are sorry for the disappointment this may cause but it is out of our control.

Legal Disclaimer
We do not in any way represent that any item we sell is legal to possess in your jurisdiction. Check with you local authorities to ensure it is legal for you to possess before buying!

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