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A select shotshell collection that includes 50 different vintage, old and antique shotshells. All shells are excellent or better in condition. The collection comes in a shotshell storage box* ready for you to add up to 50 more shells. A great way to start a vintage shell collection and save money! Included in the collection are many vintage shells with roll-crimp and pie-crimp paper with high brass, low brass, different lengths, different shot sizes, different colors, different headstamps, different gauges and different cases or shell tubes. There are several shells in this collection we no longer have available for sale as individual shells.

The last select shotshell collection because we have sold so many individual shells there is not be enough left to make another select shotshell collection!
Get this one before it is gone.

A great way to start a vintage shotshell collection
and save money!

Example Shot Shell Collection Group

 25 --- 12GA shells

 6 --- 16GA shells

 9 --- 20GA shells

 2 --- 28GA shell

 6 --- .410 shells

 1 --- 45 caliber shell

 1 --- 9mm shell

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Headstamp Examples: Federal, Winchester, Remington, Peters, Wanda, Fiocchi, Huntsman, J. C. Higgins, Rottweil and others. Each collection is subject to change but will always include at least 50 vintage shells (each different) with a minimum value of $200.00 and one shotshell storage box that holds 100 shells. Limited quantity. Selection may vary. The select shotshell collection that includes 50 different vintage shotshells is not included in any free shipping offer.

Now receive one fired or shot paper hull and one fired or shot plastic hull shotshell as examples at no extra charge with this great shell collection. The fired paper and plastic hull shotshells are not counted in the 50 shotshells that are included with this collection. This means you are getting 52 shells total. Limited fired shotshells available. The two extra fired shotshells (our choice) are not live shells because they have been shot and used and they are not in the photos showing the other live shells you get with the collection.

* Shotshell Box SF-100 is solid green in color with black handle and latch. Ideal for storage and convenient for transporting your shotshell collection. The shotshell box holds 100 shotshells with 50 shells per tray. Each box includes two removable trays one for 20GA and one for 12GA. The lid has five shell holders for quick access to loads. Heavy duty fold down handle and latch. Each box is excellent or better in condition with light shop wear and is all green. Made in USA by MTM Case - Guard 100 - rd. Shotshell Case SF-100 of green polypropylene.

These are old shells and probably should not be fired in your shotgun. All ammunition is for collecting/decorative purposes only and we in no way guarantee or imply them to be functional in anyway other than collecting or decorative purposes.

shotshell collection
Shell selection may vary
shotshell collection with storage box
MTM Case SF-100

The shotshell storage box included is solid green in color, other wise the same model.


Order #

A select shotshell collection that includes 50 vintage shotshells. All shells are excellent or better in condition. The collection comes in a shotshell storage box* ready for you to add up to 49 more shells. Antique ammunition. Old Ammo. This works out to about $2.98 per shell and you still get the storage box at no extra cost! The storage box is a $24 value included free. Selection may vary.   No free shipping. No extra discounts or coupons will be accepted for this great collection. NS-00242 $149.00 for complete collection
Last one!

Shotshells By Size: .410 - 28 - 20 - 16 - 12 - 10 - 8

Please note: A heavy packaging fee applies to this product. For each one ordered, $5.00 will be added to the shipping cost.

Want to save about two weeks in delivery time on your ammunition and shotshell orders from us? Send us a USPS Money Order!

Shotshell storage box is your choice of the two different ones shown on this page. Same price and your choice of one for this select shotshell collection.

We have one vintage solid black shotshell box SH-100 made by MTM Case that includes the same two removable trays one for 20GA and one for 12GA in excellent condition that can be substituted for the green box SF-100 shown above. I think this box is older and made before the above green box but looks like it is no longer in production. This black box is very similar to the green one in photos above but the box is harder plastic with a metal hinged top and the two part handle does not fold. Just let us know you want the vintage black SH-100 and not the green SF-100. See photos below of the black box SH-100. Made in USA of ABS black plastic. Available until this one box sells and it is the same price or included in the select shotshell collection. That is you can choose one only with your select shotshell collection.

MTM Case SH-100

Collecting Shotshells

Click Here - Wanda Cartridge shot shell red 12 gauge

Click Here - Federal Cartridge Monark shot shell red 20 gauge

Shotshells for sale click here: 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12

Vintage Shot Shell Crimp Styles Click small image for larger image.
Vintage Shot Shell Crimp Styles

You must be 18 or older to purchase ammunition. Check your local laws for any regulations before ordering any ammunition products. Live shotshells can only be shipped by UPS and they charge a service fee for shipping ammo in addition to their normal shipping charge. Therefore shipping is higher for these shells than our normal shipping charge. Shipping will be via UPS Ground only! A physical address will be necessary as UPS does not deliver to Post Office Boxes. To order call us and will be glad to hold what you want for 5 days to allow you to send us a money order or check. We only sell shotshells with a money order or check because PayPal does not allow ammunition to be purchased through their payment system. Please understand, this is NOT our rule but is PayPal's rule.

*For fastest service send a USPS Money Order. We can cash the USPS Money Order the same day we get your order while we are at the Post Office here in our town and ship your item the next business day. Other money orders do not have this feature for fast clear funds in our hands, only USPS Money Orders work this way. We will accept any money order but all other money orders or checks must go through our bank and they do not guarantee the funds until the money order or check clears. USPS (United States Postal Service)

Other products and companies referred to herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or mark holders. No such use, or the use of any trade names, is intended to convey endorsement or other affiliation.

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