WebShop Designer 2000 e-commerce Mega-Pak with software CD-ROM, books and box. It is in excellent plus condition. Includes 2 CD-ROM's with installation Serial Number, three books, original retail box and papers as it came from the publisher.

This software is not installed on any computer nor has been copied or duplicated.

The three books:
Main User Guide for WebShop Designer 2000

Featuring 23 Chapters, 300 pages

E-Commerce Guide for WebShop Designer 2000
10 Chapters, 120 pages, Includes E-Commerce Template customization

Quick Start Guide for WebShop Designer 2000
67 pages, Includes tutorial learning Active Server Pages.

WebShop Designer 2000 includes every software tool you need to successfully sell on the World Wide Web.

  • Frames and navigation bars generator: create multiple frames and stunning screens, navigation bars and no broken links--no programming required.
  • Pre-designed electronic stores: create your own store or simply choose from one of the pre-designed electronic stores that are included.
  • Full Site/Store Manager: Logical layout window displays the logical structure, flow and sequence of your Web site. This enables you to easily build navigation bars. Physical layout window displays exactly the actual physical locations of your pages, images, scripts and all other parts of your Web project. Functions similarly to Windows Explorer or File Manager. Graphical layout navigator window allows you to view the Web pages, links and all aspects of your site graphically. Navigate from link to link--even to external links. This unique tool enables you to see not only one page, but your entire site.
  • Electronic Shopping Cart: Makes it easy for customers to pick your products, add them to their shopping cart and provide a final sales tally.
  • Free form drag and drop Web designer
  • Manage your store by browser--from virtually anywhere in the world
  • Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT
  • NOTE: The paperwork accompanying WebShop Designer 2000 states that this is a U.S.A. only version.

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Web Shop Designer 2000 e-commerce Mega-Pak with software CD, books and box. NS-00044 69.95
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