Pen knives Camillus Office Knife.
We only have one of each knife to sell.


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Walter Brothers Germany all metal handles that is excellent minus, with tarnish on blade, frame and 2-3/4" closed. The one blade is carbon steel. Pre 1915. This knife is about 100 years old.   P-000056 Sold
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Parker Cutlery Co with brass handles that is near mint, not sharpened and 3-1/4" closed. One blade. 1982 World's Fair. Made in Japan. P-000057  Sold
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Utica Cutlery Co with ruff black handles that excellent, sharpened and 3-1/8" closed. Two blades. Bolsters are steel and the blades are carbon steel. Second blade is sleepy. Made in USA probably during WWII. P-000058 Sold
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Camillus Office Knife with French ivory Celluloid handles that is excellent minus, sharpened and 3-1/4" closed. Two blades are carbon steel with tarnish on blades. Walks and talks great. Made in USA from the late 1940's to the 1950's. P-000059 Sold

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