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Parker Abraham Lincoln 6 blade and Queen 2 blade pen knives. We only have one each as seen in the photo to purchase.

Back Side of Queen

76 Tang Mark on Queen

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Parker Abraham Lincoln 6 blade Congress pen knife. Marked on two blades Abe's Knife. Three back springs and brass frame. 3-1/2" closed with genuine bone handles. Mint with large nickel silver bolsters and good looking bone scales. Replica of the knife in Abraham Lincoln's pocket the night he was shot.  
6 blade Congress pen knife


Thanks Mike in California


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Queen 2 blade pin knife. Marked on the blade Queen Steel #55, Made in USA. Mint. Queen made in 1976 for the Abilene Centennial of 1981. The pen knife is 3-1/4" closed and has cracked ice handles. The two sides have the copy as seen above. Abilene is known as the Key City of West Texas. The knife was made during the United States 200th Bicentennial of 1976. A neat piece of history that is 32-37 years old. Made in USA.


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