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Gerber BMF Basic Multi-Function Survival Knife System that is near mint, not sharpened, and is an early model with a shorter blade and different grind than the models that came out during the last years of production. This one is serial number 009954 which means it came out in the first year of production, which was 1986. It was probably made in the middle of the first year. Knife comes in it’s original orange and white box with the 8-1/2" X 11" info sheet as from the factory.

Recent addition Gerber BMF

One of the first 10,000 made!

First year of production: Compare this model specs of 13" overall with a 8" modified clip point stainless blade with the specs of the last production model. 

Last production model:
It was Gerber's largest knife at 14.5 inches overall, 5/32 inch thick, with a 8-3/4 inch modified clip point 440-A stainless at the end of production around 1998. See comparison photos below. 

The black Cordura sheath comes complete with a belt loop and leg strap assembly. It has military belt metal hooks and has a diamond sharpener attached to the back side. It has a pouch for extra storage and comes with a Silva compass made in Sweden (comes with compass paper work).  There are additional lanyards included and provisions for securing extra pouches to the sheath and attaching to what ever the user might require. This knife was very popular during Desert Storm.

The following is from the Gerber web site:
Brad Parrish began his career working in the Gerber plant in 1974. During the 1980's Brad began making prototype models and progressed to design. His designs include the BMF, LMF, Magnum LST, Magnum Jr., Pro-guide series, The Gator and Gator Mate series, E-Z Out Series, Spectre, Yari and the AR. Brad's work has resulted in multiple design patents.

The following is from the information sheet that came with the early knives: Basic Multi-Function Survival Knife System
Gerber's BMF is the latest generation of survival knives. From its conception, the BMF was carefully researched and engineered to be the best survival knife available today.

This tough, heavy duty survival system is designed to withstand heavy use under the most extreme conditions. The 8-inch blade is ground from tough 1/4 inch thick high carbon surgical stainless steel, with Rockwell hardness of c54-55. We have purposely lowered the hardness several points to increase toughness. The chisel tooth saw is the result of countless experiments until we knew it was "just right". It is designed for aggressive cutting of wood and other materials. The blade and stainless steel guards and but cap are treated with a non-reflective finish. The butt cap is specifically designed to endure heavy pounding, and is firmly attached to the full length blade tang. The most unique feature of the BMF is its revolutionary handle of highly compressed DuPont Hypalon. Hypalon's semi-soft composition cushions the hand during heavy use, and provides a comfortable positive grip. Each BMF is hand-adjusted so that the point of balance is approximately at the front guard, which makes it comfortable to use, even during extended periods of heavy usage.

As much engineering and designed time went into the BMF sheath as the knife itself. Blackie Collins really "did himself proud" on this one. This sheath is made from black, heavy-duty DuPont Cordura and reinforced to provide protection for both the blade and user. Loaded with features, the sheath is specifically designed as a superior alternative to the hollow handle for carrying life sustaining and support accessories. It is compact and without protrusions to snag on brush or other objects in the field. Engineered to be silent, there are no hard surfaces other than rivets. A pocket at the top the sheath holds a quality, liquid-filled, jeweled compass. Permanently attached to the back of the sheath is a fine grain diamond sharpening hone, which is protected by a nylon cover when not in use. A unique accessory strap on the front of the sheath allows a folding knife sheath, survival, or other equipment to be attached. ALICE clips allow the BMF to be attached to standard issue military battle dress and harnesses. The ALICE clips are removable so that the BMF can be worn on a conventional belt. The BMF can be tied down to the leg or lashed to other equipment with nylon cord supplied with each sheath. Dated 6/86.

The BMF was introduced in January 1986 and
discontinued around the end of 1998.

First year of production - This is the one you are getting.
Serial #009954

Last production model which had a longer blade.

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Gerber BMF Basic Multi-Function Survival Knife System that is near mint, not sharpened, and is an early model. This one is serial number 009954.
Recent addition Gerber BMF
S-00023 Thanks to Udo in Michigan

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