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The original Gerber LMF from the 1980's

Gerber LMF Tactical mint in box with black Cordura sheath. This is the original LMF from the 1980's. It has a stainless guard and Hypalon handle with a flat butt end intended to be pounded on. It is 10-3/4" overall.  Made in the USA. The Hypalon handle has a very small indention that may have been from the factory and this may make the handle near mint. The rest of the knife and sheath are mint. Serial number 013169 and comes in the orange and white box. Gerber item number is 5957. A very stout and well made knife. Discontinued 1999.

The black Cordura sheath comes complete with a belt loop and leg strap assembly. A unique accessory strap on the front of the sheath allows a folding knife sheath, survival, or other equipment to be attached. ALICE clips allow the LMF to be attached to standard issue military battle dress and harnesses. The LMF can be tied down to the leg or lashed to other equipment with nylon cord supplied with each sheath.

The Gerber BMF started production in 1986. The Gerber LMF started soon thereafter. The BMF was a big knife and the original LMF was a more manageable size yet still over built and tough.

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Gerber LMF mint in box with black Cordura sheath. This is the original LMF from the 1980's.  This is not the current Gerber LMF II or the Steadfast knife. S-00033 Sold

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