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Hackman made in Finland Stainless hollow handle survival knife, leather washer handle, spear blade with saw teeth. Overall 12" and very heavy duty. The knife is in excellent condition with light use and has been sharpened. The handle has darker leather than the one in the photo below. The sheath is not original but is very well made of buffalo leather and is dark brown with light use. The sheath and handle almost match with the same dark brown color. The Hackman's where made from the 1960's to maybe the early 1980's. They were used during Vietnam. They are getting hard to find.

The Garcia was a copy of the Hackman that came out after Hackman stopped production. The Garcia was shaped the same but it was a lighter knife, the blade was not as thick and it was not as well made.

Designed by Ken Warner and Pete Dickey; this rare knife was made during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Only a few thousand were made by Hackman with a 1/4" blade, with the majority produced by Garcia in Brazil with a 3/16" blade. The Hackman survival knife was intended for private sale to military personnel bound for Vietnam. The Randall Model 18 had made the hollow handle sawback popular with the troops, but Randall could not keep up with demand. Like the Randall this knife featured a watertight hollow handle and a massive 1/4" thick stainless steel blade.

The sheath pocket holds a very innovative tool which combines a sharpening stone, whistle, survival kit, and compass.

Ken Warner mentions (see pg. 79 in A Practical Book of Knives) that Moran was impressed with the knife and at one point ordered a hundred or so to supply to some of his customers who couldn't afford to wait for a custom produced knife.

The photo below is of a mint Hackman. The one for sale is not mint and has a better custom made leather sheath than the one in the photo.

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Hackman Finland Stainless hollow handle survival knife, used S-00018 Sold

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