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Kershaw Survival knife system with saw tooth back on the blade, Model 1005.

It is 12-5/8" overall, in near mint  unsharpened condition with original sheath and all accessories. The blade is as new with a few rub marks showing up in the matt finish. It comes with a full-size Brunton compass and all the original survival gear. Very well done and my favorite of the factory hollow handle survival knives from the 1980's.

Knife is at least 25 years old and a unique piece of Kershaw history.

Everything is in excellent or better condition, including the knife and sheath, except the plastic bags that all the accessories come in and a few of the accessories have age wear. You may want to replace some or all of the medical supplies because of age but that is not a big deal or you may want different items in your medical kit. This is a great and I mean really great building block for an outstanding survival knife system. The sheath is almost as important as the knife because of all the pockets and heavy-duty grommets built in to help you organize, protect and carry your gear.

It was rated number three in a review of survival knives back in the 80's, but I do not remember the magazine or the other knives in the review. They were last made in about 1989 and sold for $125.00. That makes this knife at least 24 years old and a unique piece of Kershaw history.

The last time we had one this good was about 9 years ago!

The last time we had one this good was about 9 years ago and it was mint in the box and we sold it for $349.00. This one does not have the box and it is truly almost mint.

The following is from the 1989 Kershaw catalog:
Kershaw's fixed-blade Survival Knife provides and added measure of safety in a multi-purpose knife designed for situations in the forest, outback, tundra, or anywhere a big knife for tough jobs can make the difference. It combines the sought-after features you need in functional, durable knife.

Its machete-shaped survival blade is made of Kershaw's AUS 8-A high-carbon stainless steel, sandblasted to a smooth non-reflective finish, and shaped with strong tang to assure a solid lock-up between the blade and the handle. Double cross-cut saw teeth on the back can saw through tough jobs such as wood, bone, and even metal.

The handle itself is a steel pipe covered with Kershaw's Task Force™ polymer rubber grip, which is contoured with finger grooves for positive control. The Task Force handle provides a solid non-slip grip in all conditions. The butt can be used as a hammer without damaging the knife. Its threaded butt cap features "O" rings to seal a water-tight storage tubing in the handle, which can store emergency items, such as matches and fishing hooks and line.

The oversized Cordura sheath provides two storage compartments, one for a full size compass and waterproof survival cards, which are included. This heavy duty sheath features wide loops for use with belt or leg straps, a fold down strap with quick-release clasp, and heavy-duty grommets.

Sheath Contents:

  •  Full-sized compass
  •  Waterproof survival cards
  •  Small sharpening stone
  •  Reflective back-tracker strips
  •  Medical supplies - Adhesive bandages; Antibiotic ointment; Suture & Needle; Safety pins; razor blade and more
  •  Water purification tablets
  •  Fishing hooks/Leaders
  •  Monofilament line
  •  Fluorescent flay tying yarn
  •  Split shot
  •  Waterproof/windproof matches
  •  Firestarter wicks
  •  More

The instructing waterproof survival cards are maybe the best and most helpful. Some of the things they show and explain will save your life but you may not like doing them. But as they say "at the end of the day you are either alive or dead". The survival cards are not shown in the photo below but they are 3" X 5".

The most comprehensive compact survival guide is included with this kit.

  •  The survival cards weight 1 oz.
  •  Five sturdy 3 in. x 5 in. plastic cards
  •  300 Facts and Techniques, 40 First Aid.
  •  150 Illustrations, including 64 Edible Plants
  •  Contents field tested; military survival sources
  •  Durable, weatherproof
  •  Waterproof survival cards not shown in the photo but are included

We only have one get it before it is gone!

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Kershaw Survival knife system with saw tooth back on the blade, Model 1005. It is 12-5/8" overall, in near mint unsharpened condition with original sheath and all accessories. From the late 1980's.       Thanks Mike B. in Washington S-00034 Sold

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