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Parker-Edwards Damascus survival bowie made in 1986 (Dated 1986 on back side). Near mint in box with sheath, sharpening stone and a hollow handle full of goodies for survival. This one has been sharpened, done very well, and has a soft comfortable cover on the metal handle, for a better grip. The handle will not get hot or cold and stays tactical even wet. The blade is 10" overall and 1/4" thick and ground differently that the other models that I had in the Parker-Edwards Damascus survival knives. The blade grind is more like a traditional bowie with more metal above the blade edge. This one and one like the normal run I kept for myself out of 9 that we had at one time. (All the other 8 have been sold. This is the last one.) This one has a very beautiful Damascus blade. The guard is Damascus with a flat and Philips type screw driver on the tips. The overall length is a little over 15" and the butt has a lanyard with a compass inside the handle cover. This is one heck of a Survival Knife!

Also included with this fine bowie is the web that it was cut out from at the factory. The Damascus web is large enough to have two blades cut out and you can see where both blades were cut out. The web is over 10" long and 1/4" thick, 512 layer Damascus.  A neat piece of history included free with this knife purchase. 

The blade and guard are 512 layers of  Damascus steel. The knife comes with a flyer titled The Damascus Story which explains what is special about Damascus, and why it costs so much. The flyer also goes in to how no two Damascus blades are just a like, the same way that no two finger prints are the same. Made In Jacksonville, Alabama, USA.

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Parker-Edwards Damascus survival bowie made in 1986.  S-00003 Sold

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